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While Tudor swiss replica watches tried to create a black bay for everyone, the chronograph became the inevitable choice for the series. It ranks first in terms of price, complexity and masculinity. That is to say, the conceptual implementation is somewhat deviated. Although I think the diver/time argument is anal, it may only make sense to the enthusiast, but this is not wrong. I also like things logically. When the brand doesn't understand what logic is, I find that watches will suffer. The speedometer on the diving watch actually doesn't make any sense. The hour hand that covers the small dial of the chronograph is an obvious flaw. It seems that the Tudors decided to pursue style rather than substance on Black Bay Chrono, but they set the end of the style very well, so in this case I can forgive other questions.

Like its three-handed siblings, the BB Chrono is a fairly large but very wearable watch. From the above, this 41mm case has a striking masculine temperament and looks good on my 7-inch wrist. The 50mm lug to lug is still in comfort. As for the height, I will stick to what I just said. It is very high, but it is an automatic chronograph, so this is expected. Is the polished flat side helpful? No, but with the extra complexity of putters, speedometers, small dials, etc., its offensiveness is reduced. In the end, it was very comfortable.

Moreover, the watch looks really good on the wrist. If you want to do this, it is a compliment machine. The mix of black and gold exudes style, sway and other right amount of things. More dirty, more evil, more tamed. This watch may be worn with black jeans, a leather jacket and a worn T-shirt. Of course, you can take it off with a blazer and a khaki, but the clothes worn at the concert of the priests of Judah are more suitable for home. And, if you're like me, you can abandon the bracelet, even if it's very beautiful, it's also suitable for black or gray leather. The more you emphasize the black aspect of the watch, the more the gold element pops up and the more the watch poses.Tudor BLACK BAY CHRONO S&G replica

Black Bay Chrono S&G is a very beautiful watch that is fun to wear. You can buy this watch to scratch the retro-style chronograph, or test the waters with gold or extra gold, but it still has a delicious exaggeration. Every time you look at your wrist with a smile on your face, the flaws mentioned are not important, at least for me, this is more or less a reaction. In addition, it is beautifully crafted and has a sense of hell in the movement. As a chronograph fan, the word "with silicon hairspring, free-hanging balance wheel and 70-hour power reserve, vertical clutch, chronograph" is indeed a pleasure.

Inheritance route: Review of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay chronograph

Tudor's Heritage Black Bay chronograph benefits from the collaboration with Breitling and draws on Tudor's own history.

Our photographers appreciate the high-quality products of storytelling, such as his Leica camera (which has been around since 1954), with a leather strap from Cyprus and a unique old-fashioned bronze. When he photographed the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chronograph for the photos he took for this review, he found that he preferred classic items without a "sale date."Rado DiaMaster Automatic Grande Seconde 657.0127.3.015

Tudor has taken the characteristics of this watch from the past models. The curved sapphire crystal and dial reminiscent of the first Tudor diving watch. The extra-large "Big Crown" model is the design feature of the Reference 7924 introduced in 1958. It is the first Tudor watch with a water-resistant depth of 200 meters. Like the historical model, the waterproof logo on this dial is printed in red. The new "snowflake" pointer is like the pointer on the Tudor watch that was supplied to the French Navy in the 1970s. History also linked the new Heritage Black Bay chronograph to motorsport – where the chronograph and its fixed speed gauge circle became the hallmark of all Tudor stopwatches. In 1970, Tudor launched its first chronograph, the "Oyster Prince", equipped with the ETA / Valjoux 7734 movement.

The movement of this new model is the result of cooperation with Breitling. The two brands are now sharing expertise in the design and production of mechanical movements to develop more internal functions. Based on the Breitling B01 calibre, the Tudor installed an internal regulator with silicon hairspring (a joint patent of Rolex, Patek Philippe and Swatch Group) and placed its own rotor on top. Tudor called it the MT5813 movement and has been certified by the COSC as an astronomical clock. (In turn, Breitling used the Tudor MT5612 movement as the basic movement.) Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches

Tudor made another technical change to the original movement. Like its first chronograph, the small dial at 3 o'clock has a 45-minute range instead of the usual 30 minutes.

This layout is not without problems. On the one hand, the counter is small, on the other hand, the large square at the end of the snowflake hour hand occasionally blocks the recessed small dial. This is also the case with the small seconds hand, which is located at 9 o'clock. But this is still enough for the function check – if the wearer is in trouble, you can use the chronograph. The vertical friction clutch makes this possible and also prevents the hand from suddenly moving or beating when the chronograph is activated.

Our rate test shows that the rate of the watch is roughly the same regardless of whether the chronograph is active or not. If we have to point out a mistake, it is that the ratio occasionally falls into a negative range. Despite this, the watch will still run for a few days with almost no noticeable deviation.

There are other factors that affect the timing function: To ensure that the watch is water resistant to 200 meters, two down-tight buttons (like the first Tudor chronograph) are placed next to the crown. Before starting the chronograph, you must unscrew the two as much as possible. Operating the push rod also requires a lot of pressure to overcome the considerable resistance. The hack mechanism and reboot are much easier, and the reset function has very precise pressure points.

The big crown sits inside the long tube. When the release screw is turned counterclockwise, the crown will pop out for manual winding. It is also easy to pull it into the correct position for quick date adjustments and manual settings, then return it securely to its tightened locking position.Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson replica

The date mechanism is designed for quick and easy date correction. When the watch is running, it will advance exactly at midnight to the next day. The black and white effect at 6 o'clock is impressive. It is no problem to omit the glow points here and at 3 and 9 because the remaining 8 glow points and the triangle at 12 o'clock and the solid pointer make it easy to read the date or date. late. The chronograph function moderately retreats to the background during the day and disappears at night.

Our test pieces are equipped with stainless steel bracelets, similar to the Tudor models in the 1950s and 1960s. The protruding rivets connecting the connecting rods are arranged in a stepped manner, which is easy to identify, which is another detail of the past design.

Each watch is also equipped with a denim strap, which is a trademark of the Heritage collection. The fabric was woven from a 150-year-old French company using a 19th-century jacquard weaving machine. The manufacturing method is unusual and the feeling on the wrist is extremely comfortable. But our photographers prefer a spare belt made of brown leather that matches his handmade wallet.saleperfecttime.com

Manufacturer: Montres Tudor SA, RueFrançois-Dussaud Street 3-7, 1211, Geneva 26
Reference number: 79350
Function: hour, minute, small second hand, date, chronograph (central second hand, 45 minute counter), speedometer track
Sports: MT5813, based on Breitling B01, automatic, 28,800 VPH, 41 pieces of jewelry, INCABLOC shock absorption, screw fine adjustment, approx. 70-hour power reserve, diameter = 30.4 mm, height = 7.23 mm
Case: brushed and polished stainless steel, water up to 200 meters
Bracelet and hook: integrated stainless steel bracelet and additional fabric strap
Rate results (offset in seconds per 24 hours (completely wound / after 24 hours):
Dial: +2.1 / +0.9
Dial: +4.7 / +3.1 up
:–0.6 / –4.3
Move down: –0.8 / +0.4
Shift left: 0 / –0.2
Maximum deviation: 5.5 / 7.4
Average deviation: +1.1 / 0
Average amplitude:
Flat position 315° / 299°
Suspension position 290° / 270°
Dimensions: diameter = 41.48 mm, height = 14.79 mm, weight = 190 g

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